On Wednesday, February 11th, 2004 I made the decision to quit my job and become an artist.  It happened on my lunch break while I was at the Seattle Art Museum watching Christian Marclay’s Video Quartet installation – a series of four unrelated but synchronized videos projected onto four contiguous screens. I was mesmerized, and massively jolted into the realization that I wasn’t doing work that mattered to me. At that time I was a partner at Hornall Anderson , a prominent Seattle design firm, leading interactive projects for technology and consumer brands. All signs pointed to a successful and notable career. Except I was depressed, and wracked with the feeling that I wasn’t following my calling – to create original art that inspires, entertains and moves people. So, with the (cautious) support of my wife, I quit and set out on a 13-year journey to find my voice and create art that is uniquely my own. Since that time, I’ve supported myself with various day jobs in advertising, design and technology consulting while creating numerous art projects along the way. I wrote a novel (unpublished) about a know-nothing life coach on a mission to help lost souls find their spirit animals via the ashes of his grandfather’s left hand, I produced three podcast series, and I wrote and performed a one-man comedy show as that know-nothing life coach. Then, five years ago, while getting ready for bed, I stumbled on an approach to art that incorporates analog collage, mobile photography, wheat paste and acrylic paint. The results were odd, moody and dimensional. I called it “Artsmashing”, and it’s become the unrelenting focus of my art practice today.



Featured in Tribegram Lab section
April 2015 Issue


The Mobile Photo Book
Publisher: Out of the phone, Paris


Disclaimer Magazine
July 2015 Issuee



Shooter Magazine
Feature Issue #5 2014


D- La Repubblica
Featured in story on the Columbus Museum of Art's Mobile Photo Now


Citizen Brooklyn
Feature Dec 2014

July 2015 Feature on Re-vert Studio project with James Dimmock



Hanker Magazine
Feature Issue #7 2014



The Like Magazine
Spring Issue 2013



Art of Mob
Feature, October 22, 2014 



In-LAN Magazine digital edition
Featured in story on mobile photography



FORGE. Art Magazine
Feature, Issue 6 "Serendipity"



We Shape London
Group exhibit 2015
Rag Factory


Columbus Museum of Art
Group exhibit 2015

Group exhibit 2014
Photo Hunt: Part of the Modern Dialect exhibition


Arts Mashing
Solo exhibit 2015
Seattle, Washington


Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
Group exhibit 2014 - "Imagine this"
Best in Show Silver Award

A juried competition that celebrates imagination and creativity utilizing emerging app’s, software, gadgets and technologies available on smart phones & smart devices.


Shooter Magazine Photoart 
Group exhibit 2014
Quadras Soltas Gallery
Porto, Portugal 


Nomads and Orphans | International Mobile Photography group exhibit 2014
The Brentwood Road Gallery
Romford, UK



Shadow Stories
Black and white photo contest Winner

Shadow Stories 
Group exhibits 2014
Holcim Gallery, Toronto
Soho Arthouse, NYC